Smart8 launches 365ProSports app

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Today, 5th of July, Smart8 launched the new 365ProSports app for iOS in the AppStore.

Never miss a score? Want to stay informed? All event previews available? Want to know when your favourite team or player is playing? Want to beat the odds? The Pro Sports App gives you the decisive advantage over the competition.
This comprehensive app, available for free for iOS in the AppStore and in the near future also for Android, provides sports information in the broadest sense of the word and offers the possibility to invite and challenge friends. All information is 24/7 real-time available in multiple languages and provided by worldwide renowned parties.

The gaming and social element provides a unique character to the app. Users can invite and challenge their friends and challenge them by predicting event results. Powered by real-time odds with virtual coins.

Sports enthusiastics worldwide want to follow their favourite teams, athletes and sports in a single point of access. Follow real-time matches, news, social feeds, betting options or check the latest results and standings.
This demand has brought together a unique team of professionals with the knowledge, expertise and connections in order to realize the ultimate app that meets this demand.

The user can specify in advance what sport(s), matches, event(s), team(s) and / or player(s) he/she wants to follow and what information he/she wants to receive. Easy to navigate and customize.
The option for user personalization is very extensive, including a selection at geographical level thus satisfying the global market demand. Based on the personal user settings, the app shows a wide range of sports-related information including:
– Real-time results for matches and placed bets
– Real-time timeline, with visualization
– Real-time line up and match events (depending on type of sport)
– Real-time schedules
– Real-time performance data
– Real-time rankings
– Real-time statistics
– Set alerts and customized notifications
– Instant notification for line-ups, start match, match events, goals scored and more
– Latest news and social feeds from preferred sports, teams and players

Other facts such as:
– Information from the social media of the official clubs and players channels
– Links to webshops of players and teams

In short, the most extensive and comprehensive app of the moment that provides sports fanatics with all relevant real-time sports related information, combined with direct and easy to navigate bet options.